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Red Cross works with the most vulnerable people and communities in Australia and internationally. Our work is focused around seven priority areas.

Emergency services in Australia »

Strengthening national emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

International programs »

Increasing international aid and development.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander strategy »

Together as partners with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Social inclusion »

Overcoming social exclusion by providing bridges back into the community.

Stronger communities »

Tackling entrenched locational disadvantage

International humanitarian law »

Championing international humanitarian law.

Migration support »

Addressing the impact of migration.

Photos: Sustainable Image/Australian Red Cross (Good Start Breakfast Club); Australian Red Cross (tsunami relief); Chris Knight/Australian Red Cross (tracing reunion); Lisa Fitzgerald/Australian Red Cross (Community Visitor Scheme).

Cross-cutting themes

Our work in the seven priority areas is underpinned by a commitment to tackle four significant global issues of the 21st century:

Ways of working

How we work is as important as what we do. Read more about our Ways of Working.

Centenary 2014

Centenary 2014

Explore 100 years of Red Cross in Australia and learn how you can be part of the great Australian story. More »

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