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  • Volunteer in Vanuatu to aid long-term recovery

    13 Apr 2015
    As Vanuatu rebuilds from the devastation of Cyclone Pam, Red Cross is seeking skilled volunteers for assignments that will support community recovery in areas such as first aid, blood services, small business and medical procurement.
  • Red Cross and the Anzac legacy

    13 Apr 2015
    As the Gallipoli Centenary approaches, we remember those who have fallen in war, and pay tribute to the many Australians who answered the call to support Red Cross in WWI.
  • Aid arrives amid fears for safety of medical staff

    Some 53 tons of much-needed relief supplies have been flown into Yemen by the ICRC. Photo: ICRC
    13 Apr 2015
    Urgently needed medical supplies are being flown into Yemen by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). They will be distributed to hospitals countrywide to treat the wounded following days of intense fighting.
  • Cyclone Pam - one month on

    Photo: IFRC/Madeline Wilson
    10 Apr 2015
    One month after Cyclone Pam wreaked widespread devastation in Vanuatu, Red Cross has helped more than 20,000 people across 14 islands with emergency relief supplies.
  • Typhoon Maysak hits Micronesia hard, spares Philippines

    Micronesia Red Cross
    8 Apr 2015
    Red Cross is distributing emergency supplies in Micronesia, where Typhoon Maysak caused widespread damage before passing over the Philippines as a much weaker tropical storm.

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The Power of Humanity

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