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Migration support


We provide support to refugees, asylum seekers, immigration detainees and other people who are vulnerable as a result of migration.

We do this through a range of services and programs that protect and uphold the health, dignity and wellbeing of vulnerable migrants. We also work to reconnect family members whose loss of contact is caused by international or internal conflict, war and disaster.

Tracing and restoring family links »
Re-establish contact between separated family members and clarify the fate of the missing.

Immigration detention »
Humanitarian observers assess and monitor the general conditions of detention and treatment of people held in detention.

Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme »
Provide financial assistance and health care to asylum seekers.

Community detention »
Support people with no visa status who are permitted to live in the community.

Community assistance support »
Address basic health and welfare requirements of highly vulnerable clients while their immigration status is being resolved.

Emergency relief »
Providing one-off assistance to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in financial hardship.

Support for trafficked people »
Supporting people who have been trafficked or forced into marriage.

Emergency relief

Wheel power

Emergency Relief - Providing one-off assistance to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in financial hardship. Read more.

Wheel power

Wheel power

Khaled came to Australia as an asylum seeker from Iran. Now he volunteers with Red Cross to help other asylum seekers with the Emergency Relief bicycle program. Read more

Vulnerability Report


With a commitment to raise issues of humanitarian concern, Red Cross has released its inaugural Vulnerability Report: Inside the process of seeking asylum in Australia. It provides rare insights into the day to day realities of people seeking asylum. Read the report »

Asylum Seeker Sector Update - October

The October Update focuses on a range  of Red Cross and partner agency initiatives, along with useful information to support other organisations' work with  asylum seekers in Australia. Read more

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