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Stronger communities


Red Cross works with children, young people, and families in a range of ways that focus on the unique strengths that all individuals and families have.

People experiencing 'locational disadvantage' live in neighbourhoods or geographic areas in which many factors create cycles of vulnerability and disadvantage. This means that people living in these areas experience concentrations of poverty and hardship.

Red Cross works with a number of communities experiencing locational disadvantage - assisting with planning and implementation of local solutions that support healthy and sustainable ways of living.

Our stronger communities programs are focused on:

Young people »
Helping young people improve their lives by developing opportunities to strengthen skills, knowledge and confidence.

Children¬†and families »
Working with communities to foster safe, strong and resilient families that enable children to learn and reach their full potential.

Food security »
Identifying and addressing food security needs and improving eating habits through nutrition education and the provision of food services.

Supporting stronger communities »
Strengthening community capacities and the development of local, sustainable solutions.

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