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International aid work

Start your humanitarian career at Red Cross.

It's going to be a long and often difficult journey. Aid workers hit the ground running to help when disasters strike or conflicts break out. They also play a major role in long-term development projects, always complementing the work of local staff and volunteers.

Aid workers need specialist expertise in emergency management, health, engineering, disaster law and other fields. They usually need experience in international and cross-cultural settings, and sometimes language skills as well. Finally, they have to be medically and psychologically fit to cope with extreme and resource-poor environments.

If this is your career path, here are some ways to start.

Complete a training course

Understand the fundamentals of humanitarian action, learn about protection, gender and disability, and discover how to maintain your own wellbeing in the field.

Browse our courses.

Volunteer overseas

There's no better way to build your field experience. Donate your time and skills, and we'll provide living allowances and other support.

Search volunteer opportunities

Become an aid worker

Once you've learnt the basics and have the experience, take your humanitarian career up a notch. Red Cross recruits new aid workers once a year, seeking specialist professions as needed.

See how aid workers help or find out what's required

Typhoon Haiyan - the aid worker's perspective

Aid workers

How aid workers contributed to the Typhoon Haiyan relief and recovery effort. Watch video 

Rubble recycled


Haiti is being transformed as rubble is recycled into building materials. Watch video.

Volunteer overseas

Volunteer overseas with Red Cross

You can now volunteer with Red Cross in Asia, the Pacific and Africa. Read more »

Training courses

International training courses

Red Cross offers courses for aid workers, volunteers and the general public. Read more »

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