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Emergency services in Australia


Red Cross has been responding to emergencies and providing humanitarian assistance in Australia since 1914. We are committed to strengthening and extending our emergency services to assist all Australians prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.


Being prepared for an emergency can save lives and help people to recover and get back up on their feet more quickly. Our Emergency REDiPlan assists people to be better prepared, better connected to each other and more resilient when emergencies happen.


During an emergency, Red Cross volunteers and staff work alongside police, fire and other emergency services, government and community partners to help ensure people who have been affected are treated with dignity and that their basic human needs are met.


After an emergency, we're still there. Recovery from an emergency can be a long, tiring and complex process and Red Cross works with individuals and communities on their journey to recovery.  

Photos: Hamish Craig/Australian Red Cross (Queensland floods); Nellie Brown/Australian Red Cross (volunteers); Rodney Dekker/Australian Red Cross (Victorian bushfires).


Register. FInd. Reunite.

During emergencies, Red Cross activates the Register.Find.Reunite service to help loved ones reconnect with their families and friends.

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